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Rules and Guidelines 

  1. The Challenge starts September 1st 2022 when you will be able to download the UE5 Mood Scene assets packs. You have to send us your UE5 Mood Scene video by September 30th 2022.

  2. A Mood Scene is a scene which expresses a mood, an atmosphere, that coveys a feeling, tone or even a story.  We provide a curated Mood Scene packet of UE5 assets and a short evocative description of the scene.

  3. The Challenge is to build a scene in UE5 using the curated assets, light it, then create a video (less than 90 secs) using a virtual camera and editing (if desired) to ‘capture the mood’. Your UE5 Mood Scene project file is part of the submission but the judges will only watch your Mood Scene video to judge your work. (More details on video delivery to follow).The Real-Time Movie Challenge is free to enter.

  4. All Challenge submissions need to be made in UE5.

  5. You have 30 days to complete and submit your entry, starting from the day the Mood Scene assets are made available by the organizers.

  6. Specific curated UE5 assets from the Unreal Marketplace (UEM) will be provided by MacInnes Studios for each scene. The shared assets MUST ONLY BE USED FOR THIS CHALLENGE. If you wish to use your mood scene assets outside of the challenge, you are required to buy a copy of the assets from the UEM. (see Epic Content License Agreement).

  7. Register through the website. Select the Mood Scene you wish to make from the dropdown menu and press submit. Once registered we will send you a Project Leader Agreement which must be completed before you will will be allowed to participate.

  8. Entrants are only allowed to make one Mood Scene for the Challenge.

  9. Mood Scene’s must be created using some or all of the assets provided. Some scene’s have animated assets and characters and it is up to you whether or how you include those elements in your scene.

  10. You can use additional assets as well as other elements (music, sound, etc) but the idea is to maximize creative use the assets provided for the challenge.

  11. Entrants have to be over 18 years old, they can be individuals or teams but there can only be one Project Leader.

  12. Upon request you must be able to provide MacInnes Studios with all the the UE scene files and assets related to your Mood Scene submission.

  13. The criteria for judging entries will be based on visual interpretation of the visual materials and the scene description, as well as technical execution.

  14. We will have many prizes from our sponsors and will announce those before the Challenge begins. Winners work will not automatically be used for our UE5 movie but if your work is used you will receive and deferred fee of $2,000. Use of the work will be solely at the discretion of MacInnes Studios.

  15. We reserve the right to cancel this challenge at any stage if deemed necessary.

  16. We reserve the right to disqualify or remove without notification submissions that break the terms of the Agreement or are in poor taste or are offensive.

Rules & Guidelines
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