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AutoRig + UberMesh

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 MacInnes Studios 

modbod tools/scripts* enables you to quickly create and rig a humanoid character and deploy from Maya to Unreal. Lightweight, adaptable, easy.
  • AutoRig cuts the time to rig a character from months to days using a Maya-based PyMEL script suite that generates a human full body skeleton + face, each with their own controllers. 


  • UberMesh is a universal mesh designed to work with AutoRig. 


  • AutoRig + UberMesh simplify the avatar creation process so you can create a universally deployable avatar within UE whose animation datasets, textures, and shaders that can be shared across the entire pipeline. Generate many different characters while keeping the production footprint for each avatar small and predictable.


*A procedural hair system and universal UE character shader are in development. 

Technical Specs:

  • Predominantly bone-based for ease of sharing datasets. Blendshapes are generated per character for unique properties (i.e. facial expressions, muscle deformers). Corrective and facial movement logic is built into rig and is assembled when AutoRig script runs.


  • Mesh cards are used for most hair scenarios, unless final target platform allows highest end hair rendering. All platforms support some kind of transparencies but not all can handle heavy Xgen-ported hair. Mesh-card hair will be rigged in UE with bones and physics.


  • Any character processed through our pipe will essentially be converted to an Ubermesh model first (unless source topology is acceptable), eliminating the need to address technical modeling with character artist, who often do not take good topology into account.


  • Proposed UE universal shader will be able to account for a range of styles, as micro details will be handled by sectional alphas. Standardized shader eliminates the need to generate unique shaders per character and keeps texture sets small and predictable.


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