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is the story of how david bowie turned his life around to make his most iconic record

Bowie In Berlin

In the summer of 1977 David Bowie was living in West Berlin above an auto-parts shop with his best friend Iggy Pop and his personal assistant, Coco. Struggling with addiction, his marriage on the rocks and, despite being one of the most famous recording artists of the 1970's, Bowie had no money. However, his time in Berlin was enormously creative. It set the stage for Bowie's most successful period and produced some of his most influential work including perhaps his most iconic and beloved song, "Heroes".


The story of "Heroes" is an epic tale played out in the confines of Hansa Studios (the now famous 'hall by the Wall'), David's modest apartment and the clubs, bars and streets in the shadow of the infamous Berlin Wall.

The movie will feature the title track "Heroes", 'Fame', David's #1 from 1975, and most of the tracks on the "Heroes" album.

Writer/Producer John MacInnes spoke extensively with Bowie's guitarist, Carlos Alomar, in researching the story. Carlos worked and toured with David more than any other musician and is credited along with Bowie and John Lennon on writing the song 'Fame'.

Sequel / Limited Series

The breadth and depth of Bowie's life and music catalogue present the possibility of sequels or a limited series. Each episode would explore other transformative moments that across his career established David Bowie as one of the most significant and influential artists of the last 50 years.

Virtual Production

The cost of making "Heroes" using a virtual production pipeline is less than $10m. Not only can virtual production be more cost effective that traditional live action, it is also a solution to the current crisis brought on by the pandemic.

Writer / Producer John MacInnes is the founder of MacInnes Studios, award-winning pioneers in virtual production. John was first inspired to dive into virtual production after his experience writing Call Of Duty, Advanced Warfare, the biggest selling video game of 2014. Since then he has produced award-winning VR and AR using the Unreal Engine (made my Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite). 


"Heroes" will be made by combining live action actors with virtual sets and environments.


MacInnes Studios is known for creating hyper real digital human avatars and two years ago created an avatar of David Bowie from 1977, aged 30. The first public work using the avatar, David Bowie Is Unreal, featuring Bowie as Ziggy Stardust was supported with a Mega Grant from Epic games and was revealed at the 2019 Infinity Festival in Los Angeles to great acclaim.

MacInnes Studios are exploring the option of David Bowie playing himself in the movie. Using David's avatar with machine learning (ML) it is possible to replace the face of the actor playing David Bowie with a facsimile David's own face.

"HEROES" script
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