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real-time movie challenge

mood scene

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we’re making a meta-movie using UE5

and we need your help!


what the heck is a ‘meta-movie’?

 good question. it's a fancy name for a movie that is made using a game engine. making a 2D linear movie in a game engine means that our story/IP could also exist in 3D and interactive form (a game, VR, AR etc.) sharing assets and data.

life is challenging enough. do i need another?

well, if you're new to UE5 this is your excuse to jump in and learn. already using UE5, this is your opportunity to level up.

for UE5 pros, it’s time to flex, show us what you’re made of!


ok, i’m in. what do i have to make?

a mood scene.


a what?

a mood. a tone. a flavor. a feeling that your UE5 scene evokes.

so much great storytelling is done through mis-en-scene (the arrangement of scene elements) before actors or avatars have even show up in the scene or spoken a word.

what’s the movie about?

all in good time. for now all you’re going to have is a short evocative description of a scene and UE assets from the unreal marketplace needed to build it.


is that the challenge?

no. you build and light the scene.

add other assets if you like, add sound, music etc.

the challenge is to then use a virtual camera to capture 'the mood' in a video no longer than 90 seconds long.

and you have 30 days to come up with something. 


so you’re basically crowd-sourcing your movie.

great. but what do i get out of it?

amazing prizes from our sponsors! if your work ends up in the final movie you will get a credit and deferred fee when the movie makes a profit.

if nothing else you'll have something cool for your UE5 reel,

not to mention bragging rights for having participated in creating the first ever UE5 movie!

sweet. when can I start?

the challenge starts september 1st and ends september 30th.

ok. what's next?

pick a mood scene. and register below.


baad viibes morgue

INT. MORGUE                                                       2 


A windowless room.








Stainless steel surfaces. Bottles of chemicals behind glass.

Autopsy equipment. Scales. Cold storage units.

In the center, a mortuary table. You are not alone.



once registered we will email you the RTMC Agreement.


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